Wednesday, December 24, 2008

its been a while...

things have been crazy busy since moving to nyc. i work pretty much non stop and when not at the office or sleeping i try to catch up with my friends, usually by drinking too much... i'm ready for 2008 to be over and to get a fresh start in 2009. i want to start concentrating on my personal projects and illustrations again, and to build up my freelance base again. freelance has def been slacking since i moved here and its starting to pick up, i'm just horrible with time management... so here's to the end of 2008 and a better 2009!!!

oh, and santa came early this year. im typing this on my new mackbook pro!! and i got cs4, which is pretty awesome since all i ever get lately are bootleg versions... woot woot!!!! so i have no excuse anymore to not be productive.