Wednesday, November 21, 2007

hospitals and seizures

so i just got out of the hospital last night, i was admitted around 5am sunday morning. i had a seizure and then i passed out on the bathroom floor so gene called 911. now i have an awesome black eye and some bruises on my shoulder and elbow. apparently i have some blood clot on my brain or im bleeding or something in my head and that lead to the seizure and i'm going to have to have surgery. i'm on meds for epilepsy now and i can't drive. i'm still kind of loopy, i have no memory of what happened and i'm moving really slow. but i'll be better. it happened about 2 hours after we got back from the airport from nyc. thank god it happened here and not in ny. and in that news nyc was awesome. we had so much fun and i wonder if maybe i was just really stressed out and thats what led to the seizure. oh well. i'll keep u posted. happy thanksgiving!!!