Thursday, January 22, 2009

buy me this.

omg where can i find this.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

print and pattern

today i went to the direction and print source textile shows in penn plaza. i was kinda excited to go since i always read about these shows on some of the blogs i frequent. it wasn't as big as the apparel shows but there was still a lot of great booths to look at. i recognized some of the artists and print houses so it was really cool to see them display their work up close. everyone was so nice and anxious to show off their peices so we stopped by a few to take a closer look at their fabrics. vintage was a huge trend - go fig- with a lot of booths that had the cutest vintage dresses with amazing patterns on them. but they were like $500 a piece, so yeah...i really need to go thrift store shopping soon...

i wish i could have taken some pictures but i did manage grab pretty much every business card, post card, free give away item that i could. it was tons of fun and everything was so cute and adorable i really can't wait to start creating some of my own patterns again. check back soon to see some progress!!