Thursday, January 24, 2008

new work!!!!

Hi!!! since i have some time off recovering from my surgery (which went well by the way, i just have a narly scar now that's pretty sore as well as half my face still not having much feeling other than hurting from time to time...) so i decided to work on some personal projects lil by lil to keep the creative juices flowing. i've been doing patterns for hazlenut studios a lot so i posted some of the valentine's ones i have done. i'm also trying to work on getting some stuff up into my etsy store. i'm going to make some cute lil valentine cards and prints for people to buy and share with their special someone ;) hopefully it will all go well! i can only work about an hour at a time for right now till i get more energy back and stop with the constant headaches that never go away.... hope everyone is well!!!!

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