Friday, March 14, 2008

new stuff!!!!

hi! i've been super busy lately. i guess i should say first that i am no longer a full time employee for david & goliath. it was a tough decision but after all that i have been through with the surgery and stuff i don't think it's best for me to go back there full time. i'll still hopefully do contract and freelance work for them tho. i have been concentrating on freelancing full time now and i've been getting a lot of work. i've been working steadily for a company called art zulu out of nyc for the past few months and it's been great. i've been doing everything from logos and label designs to sleepwear and more recently a high end couture line for a client i probably cant mention but it's pretty exciting! i also hope to move to nyc in the next few months if all goes least there it won't be as big a deal not being able to drive...

i've also been working on a children's book for a lady out of LA and have jsut been offered 3 more books! once again i have to keep the details vague but here are a few sneak peaks!: (it's a very diva/glam children's book)

other than that things are going great, just a lil stir crazy from staying home every day... any one wanna get a drink?!?

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creative cookie said...

I love the afro lady with glasses!!! So freaking cute! I'm having a blast on your blog.