Friday, May 02, 2008



so i'm hanging out in VA right now at my parents house. i packed up and moved up here for about a month before heading off to nyc. hopefully will have saved up enough and find an apt by the beginning of june. things are getting busy with the company i've been doing contract work for - art zulu- so i figured now's the time to head up there. i'm going to continue doing other freelance too and will hopefully find more work once i'm up there. haven't had much time to miss florida, at least it's warm up here, plus the day before i drove up here my mom called to say they had to put my cat to sleep, meling.

its sad being here and expecting her grumpy self to be here. the month before i moved we had been talking about how funny it will be when she meets my other cat, elliot, cuz they're both fat, scaredy cats. it was just so sudden since she wasn't even that old. my eyes tear up every time i see her toys laying around still or go into the room she always slept in. it sucks so bad.

on a lighter night i'm trying to make more time for doing side and personal projects. i get so caught up in doing work for other people i never get to do anything for myself. so while i'm here and with nothing really to do i wanna start spending time each day working on some personal pieces.... guess that's all for now!

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